• Android Development for Beginners – Full Course

    Learn how to develop an android app from scratch in this full course for beginners. No prior programming experience required!Here is the 2nd part of this course (also free!): https://youtu.be/RcSHAkpwXAQ In this course, you will learn how to build a real-word Android application from scratch using Java. On the way to building an Android app, ...
  • ROBLOX Android Beta Demo

    Thanks to ROBLOX user DJMaczacha3000 (http://www.roblox.com/User.aspx?ID=43444301) for providing the link to the Apk.EXPAND ↓ This is a demo of the beta version of the ROBLOX Android application. This beta is currently only available in Canada, however, it can be installed using an Apk file, which I will provide a link to below. Link to the ...
  • Play Any PC Game on Your Android Device

    Ever wanted to play your Steam games on your phone? With the app called Moonlight and some simple steps explained by Rawad in this video, you can easily stream games like Rocket League or Dota 2 on your phone or tablet. Take note that this requires root access in order to gain the full advantages ...