XBMC / KODI ~ Complete setup using the SpoonFed Wizard

In this video I show you how to setup Kodi 16.1 Using the

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3 thoughts on “XBMC / KODI ~ Complete setup using the SpoonFed Wizard

  1. Please help. this build is perfect and just what I wanted. However when it
    first starts up
    the spoon fed logo comes on and stays there for a long time. Then the
    screen goes blank
    and stays blank for a long time. kodi starts up but in 4 or 5 seconds it
    says kodi stopped.
    When I go back to the beginnings and start over the same thing happens for
    3 or 4 times.
    Then kodi will finally start. It does this on both of my mxq boxes. On the
    one box I did a factory reset reloaded the wizard and it still does the
    same thing.
    Can this be fixed? If it can’t be fixed can the launcher be removed so it
    goes in from the main screen and starts kodi like it always did? Please
    help Thank You

  2. Great video Jim I’m running kodi 16.1 on a linux device after a clean
    install do i first need to install the hub-wizard before installing your
    wizard many thanks

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