Time to Leave Kodi Behind? I’m Loving These APK’s!

πŸ”΄ Newest link for Terrarium TV:

Time to Leave Kodi Behind? I’m Loving These APK’s! In this video tutorial I walk you through a very easy way to install these great APK’s on your Amazon Fire Stick, Amazon Fire TV or Android TV Box. These APK’s replace most of what is in the Kodi 3rd party addons and they do it exceptionally well. In fact, you may want to leave the drama and ups and downs in Kodi behind altogether and just use these APK’s and others like them in the future.

βœ… Link to Mobdro:

βœ… Link to TerrariumTV:

βœ… Richman’s VPN Recommendation is IPVanish . Having a good VPN is not an option anymore and these guys have your privacy as their priority!

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