The Beast Wizard step by step for Kodi

Step by step on how to install the Beast wizard.


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3 thoughts on “The Beast Wizard step by step for Kodi

  1. Can i move between TV’s that have Android TV and it will remember what I
    watched between different TV’s or say a G Box?

    Do i have to relogin or will it be real time in knowing what i watched?

  2. Hey everybody thats having problems loading Beast. I thought I had a
    problem until i remember they said to unplug your box or TV or pull out
    Firestick out after loading Beast. It worked like a charm once i did that.
    Only i can guess why is the TV ADDON blocks there initial IP address and
    when you unplug you get a new one that works.

    But I love it. Put it on my Sony Android TV and it worked like a charm
    after i unpluged and then repluged in. My TV now can go into Beast Mode!

    Thought this might help.

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