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Ronda Rousey returns to reclaim her entitle region at UFC 207 Rousey then left the stage at T-Mobile Arena on Thursday without a word to Nunes or the millions of devotees amassed principally to subscribe her at the weigh-in on the eve of UFC 207. Rousey( 12 -1) was arguably the most dominant mixed martial art boxer in the young sport’s history until she lost her region 13 months ago in a stunning knockout. After dedicating a year to getting back on top, Rousey is determined to earn her recovery Friday night with her talents , absolutely no truth to the rumors texts. Her comeback fight against Nunes( 13 -4) is the main event in the UFC’s conventional end-of-the-year show in its hometown, and few phenomena in the promotion’s blockbuster 2016 be a little more anticipated.

Nobody is certain which Rousey will show up in the cage. Will it be the self-confident judo genius who beat a series of overmatched adversaries while firing a trail into the mainstream for women’s MMA and the UFC in general? Or will it be the shaky, agitated ex-serviceman who stumbled, flailed and eventually went stopped by Holly Holm’s head kick in Australia last year? “I’m not sure how it’s going to be, but she could do a lot of things, ” Nunes said.

“Nobody knows, but I know I’m going to be ready. We will see about her.” Just don’t ask Rousey what she sees. She has largely refused to promote her crusade, even diminishing to speak to the UFC’s broadcast squad after stepping on the scale. The UFC reluctantly agreed to Rousey’s media blackout, realizing it is able to rate the advertising unspeakable numbers of pay-per-view buys.

“It’s definitely not ideal, ” UFC President Dana White mentioned of Rousey’s decision. “It’s what she asked for.” Instead, Rousey uttered her thanks in an Instagram post times after the weigh-in. “Looking presented to proving you all right tomorrow, ” Rousey mentioned. “It’s going to be the happiest New Year ever.” Rousey has a nascent playing career and myriad endorsements, but her notoriety still hasn’t outshone her athletic accomplishments, as it did for fellow women’s MMA trailblazer Gina Carano.

Rousey could have walked away from the sport once, but the Olympic medalist’s willingness to return underlines her determination to get back on top.

The women’s bantamweight belt has changed entrusts three times in the last 13 months, and nothing has enabled us to represented it. Holm lost the belt when Miesha Tate strangled her unconscious in March, and Tate lost the entitle when Nunes brutalized her at UFC 200 in July. Holm is now a featherweight, and Tate has adjourned. Nunes is going her career-defining kill at Rousey, whose status as one of the world’s most well known female players has just subsided despite her decision to take a year off from competition.

Rousey clearly doesn’t scare Nunes, although there are the champ has three career losses to fighters who were pulsated easily by Rousey. “This is what I’ve been waiting for, ” mentioned Nunes, who has triumphed four straight fights.

“Everything I work for comes down to this. I don’t know what’s going on with Ronda, but I know I’m ready.” Although Rousey should draw in slew of casual devotees in for the UFC despite her has refused to promote, there’s no shortfall of intriguing reasons for MMA aficionados to check out the final card of its first year. Men’s bantamweight supporter Dominick Cruz and unbeaten challenger Cody Garbrandt have put on a promotional support pate into their own entitle crusade in the co-main event at UFC 207. The loquacious Cruz( 22 -1) has cleverly razzed his increasingly irritable resist, finishing in a thoroughly witty brace interview on Wednesday and a subsequent staredown that compelled White to break-dance them apart.

Garbrandt( 10 -0) then got into a brief physical altercation with Cruz’s teammate, Jeremy Stephens, at the weigh-in. Cruz basks the chance to beat another boxer from the Team Alpha Male camp in Northern California.

“None of those chaps have a evidence what to do with me, ” Cruz mentioned. “He’s going to figure that out after the first round when he’s in there perforating, he’s in there missing. He’s looking to land that large-hearted punch he’s arrived on everybody else, and I’m gone. I’m a phantom. I’m not there.” UFC 207 also includes onetime bantamweight supporter T.J. Dillashaw against Brazil’s John Lineker, and onetime welterweight supporter Johny Hendricks, who missed force, against rising star Neil Magny ..


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