Kodi Complete Setup Guide 2017 (Kodi 17 Krypton for

How To Setup Kodi 17 Krypton – The Complete Setup Guide 2017 for

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160 thoughts on “Kodi Complete Setup Guide 2017 (Kodi 17 Krypton for

  1. Great video! A lifesaver for people who aren’t familiar with moving thru the registers manually. Also like that it is done on the new skin format and the video is good enough to see exactly where you are clicking. I have looked at several videos and this is the best, Hands down.

  2. You are extremely knowledgeable!! I am a Kodi user but your instructions were on point. Thanks for taking th time to do this.

  3. I also was on the other tutorial and when it should have shown the bubbles on the main screen, it didn’t , it showed the home screen as this one was here on this tutorial, thank you so much for helping all of us navigating this process, I am a mess LOL

  4. as a senior citizen and 1st pc illiterate I thought your video presentation was flawless thankyou very very much

  5. Thank you for everything, you go girl, I would send you an edible arrangement, but that would be a little weird lmao, thanks a lot again.

  6. Simply amazing 😧 when I first did this a year ago it literally took me two days to complete it! Your steps are the best! 🙌🏾 thanks for sharing!

  7. My my my my my my my (Johnny Gill voice) thank you soooo much, *clicks subscribe button. Your explanation was one of the best guides I’ve watched in regards to installing Kodi. Thank you!

  8. OMG so helpful cause before this tutorial I was completely lost on this updated version of Kodi. thanks so much 😘

  9. This is absolutely the best information available on You Tube for installing Video Add Ons for KODI. Every repository source was where Mchanga said it was. None of the other You Tube videos for I reviewed added value to KODI 16 or 17. Great Job!

  10. By far the best vid on setting up Kodi. Tried several others and got no where followed you on this and it was done in 45 mins. Not to mention it was very kool listening to your voice. Very sexy voice 🙂

  11. I found it!! And you are awesome, great teacher. Really best video demo I have seen! Very clear. No extra chit chat..lol. Its good.

  12. Wooww Ms Mchanga!! Your shared skills is much appreciated. I followed your instructions to the letter, however, I could not find Swift Streams in my list Video list. This is all new to me yet exciting! Thank you again for sharing your awesome knowledge. I look forward to viewing more of your tutorials.

  13. thank you for everthing i didnt even know what a firestick was 6 months now thanks to you and your videos i have been getting paid to customize and install kodi on laptops and firesticks in my town thank you

  14. Thank you so much. I love the way you explain and went step-by-step to help me and others out to download this. May God continue to bless you thank you!

  15. Excellent tutorial for me who is partially blind Richard myers here. I live in Ireland. richiemyers@icloud,com many thanks I wish they were all like you

  16. I love you lady…..You did it for me….Beautiful step-by-steps that even I can follow!!! Up and running like it was professionally installed….Keep up the great tutorials–you are the best!!

  17. This far the best setup guide I ever watched. It is clear, precise, easy to understand and follow, I wished I had had find it at the beginning of my reseach, I would not had lost trementdous and fristrated time with Kodi. Bravo, you save me a lot of time with your precise explanation. I wish that all expert or supposed expert can take time to listen and take note.

  18. Wow!!! Thank you, so much. I can’t thank you enough. Awesome video! You have a new subscriber. Again, thank you.

  19. Absolutely the best setup guide I’ve found. Great job, thanks for the explanations and taking time and patience. Very noob friendly.

  20. You are the best trainer ever, supper awesome. I was able to get most of it working and looking forward to more tutorials. Thanks a lot.

  21. Fantastic tutorial, just what I needed! You have such a lovely way of explaining and making it all clear and easy to follow…Thank you xxx

  22. You’re the best. I looked at other Videos and they left me in the dust. You’re steady, organized manner was just what I needed. Thanks!

  23. Thanks so much Mchanga for putting out such a informative video. You always do such an wonderful job. Have a great day and waiting on more. Andy Helms

  24. Thank you! I was about to give up on this Kodi thing until I saw your tutorial. I especially liked the part where you said don’t stress over failed installs, because that’s exactly what I was doing before your video. You have a new subscriber 😊

  25. Despite my original problems I now have managed to get everything working. I uninstalled and started again but having done everything once it all made more sense anyway ! Thank you for making your video easy to follow !

  26. Am i the only one who saw the ”xxx-adult” under .fusion? I’m not saying that i installed all of the add ons, buuuuuuuuuuuut….

  27. !!! Excellent , clear , step by step
    showed that it works ,
    what else is there to say ,
    Thank you , You The Best !!!

  28. it’s great to listen to someone who speaks clearly and also takes the time to explain things…..you have a new fan ty

  29. Help! I have already added on Exodus. When I went to add on the other items in 8:29 minutes on your video it did not give me the option to enter add-on browser.

  30. omg..your voice is sooo sexy and light on the ear. date me now it doesn’t matter what you look like your voice is everything

  31. I’m following along with you, done everything right thus far. When I get to add ons, I don’t get that screen. Help!!!!

  32. Got Kodi and Exodus from one of your previous videos. Now want to try all these add-ons. Took lots of notes. Thanks much. Your voice is clear. You wait patiently. Already recommended you. Thanks again.

  33. Great Video! I was updating my kodi to v 17. After the update I lost all my settings! (every other update was seemless)Thank you this video helped me fix it. Only problem I had was finding the echo wizard. (Still can’t find it), but I appreciate the help! You’ve got a new sub here! 😊😊👌

  34. mchanga I am 1st timer trying to set up firestick. I get the the part where you go back to add on and you show to enter browser but my screen comes up with categories (My addons, available updates, recently updated, install from repository and search). None of these have “install from zip file”. what did I do wrong or what should I do next?

  35. She is very thorough and easy to follow… I am not tech savvy but I installed like a pro, thanks a lot – great help, my Kodi is running smoothly with Exodus.

  36. im like a min 30 in. Imagine if she taught you everything..I’m talking EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING.. If she can put me at ease and focus she can make anyone.. this is some kinda Michelangelo skill she has… Youre not in awe ?

  37. Thanks Mchanga for the smooth jailbreak!! The best instructions are simple to follow and I really appreciate you taking the time to make sure it was perfect. We appreciate ya!!! Great Job

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