KODI 18 Install on Firestick + Ares Wizard – DO NOT INSTALL! Intended as a PREVIEW ONLY!

IMPORTANT: Kodi 18 is still in the Alpha stage, which means it has bugs and is unstable. This video is intended for people who want to get a preview of Kodi 18 before the Official Release. If you have Kodi 17.1 or later, then DON’T UPGRADE TO KODI 18! The official version has not yet been released.

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1. Reset Kodi: 1:20
2. Install Kodi: 3:00
3. Install Ares Wizard and Pulse Build: 8:50
4. Install Config Wizard: 18:25

Use this step-by-step tutorial to learn how to do the Kodi 18 Install on Firestick / Fire TV, Windows, Mac, and Android process. Updated Tuesday June 06, 2017.

This page also has Direct Download links (scroll down) for the Official Kodi 18 Install files for each operating system.

And BTW, Kodi 18’s name is “Leia” – like the Star Wars character.

In this article, you’ll first see Kodi 18 download links (immediately below). I then walk you through step-by-step How to Install Kodi 18 on Firestick. After that, I show you How to Install Kodi 18 Ares Wizard and some more details about Kodi 18.

Download Kodi 18 Firestick & Fire TV version (.APK file beta download for Android smartphones, tablets & TV boxes). Scroll down past this Download Links section to install Kodi 18 on Firestick. (Or, if you already know how to install Kodi on Firestick, then just enter the address into the “Downloader” app’s “Address” field.
Kodi 18 Install on Firestick
Kodi 18 Install on FireStick & Fire TV (.APK file) download
Kodi 18 Windows 32-bit (.exe file – for older Windows PCs). To install Kodi 18 Beta in Windows 32-bit, just download the EXE file, run it, and follow the installer on your screen.
Kodi 18 Download Windows
Download Kodi 18 for “older” Windows PCs and laptops
Kodi 18 Windows 64-bit (.exe file – for newer Windows PCs). Kodi 18 64-Bit version is NEW in Kodi 18. Krypton, Jarvis, and all Kodi versions prior to 18 have no x64 version! Install Kodi 18 64-bit by downloading the EXE file – then just run the EXE file to start the Kodi 18 Windows installer.
Kodi 18 Download Windows 64-Bit
Download Kodi 18 for Windows 64 Bit PCs (“newer”)
Kodi 18 for Mac OSX (.dmg file beta download for x86 / x64 based Mac OS computers). For installing Kodi 18 on Mac OS, just launch the .dmg file.
Kodi 18 Install Mac OSX
Download Kodi 18 Mac OSX (.dmg file)
Kodi 18 Android (.apk file beta download for Android smartphones, tablets & TV boxes). Kodi 18 Android is easy to install: just download the .APK file and run it on your Android device!
Kodi 18 Download Android
Download Kodi 18 Android (.apk file)
Here’s the step-by-step easy way on How to install Kodi 18 on Firestick:

From the Firestick / Fire TV homescreen, go to Settings, then System.
Now go to Developer Options, then turn on Apps From Unknown Sources and Enable ADB Debugging.
Then return to the Firestick home screen by pressing the Home button on your Fire TV remote.
Now go to Search (which may be a magnifying glass icon) from the Firestick home screen
Then enter “Downloader“. After you enter the word “Downloader”, select the word Downloader using the arrows on the Fire TV remote and the “Center” button.
In the search results, select “Apps & Games“.
Then select Downloader
Now select Install
Then press Open
Enter in the Address field of the Downloader app
Select the “Download” button
Wait for Kodi 18 to download.
When it’s done, select “Install“. Then press “Yes“.
After Kodi 18 finishes installing, select “Open” to launch Kodi.
Once Kodi 18 starts up and you see the Kodi 18 home screen, install Kodi 18 Ares Wizard using the steps below to start streaming great content!
I installed Ares Wizard on Kodi 18 Firestick by following my Kodi 17 Ares Wizard install video tutorial & written guide. Ares Wizard installed fine!

I then used Ares Wizard to install Pulse build in Kodi 18 Firestick.

Kodi 17.1 Ares Wizard Install on FireStick + PULSE Build & Easy PIN Code
After Kodi starts back up into Pulse build, Kodi gave me a message saying Xonfluence skin couldn’t be loaded. No big deal! Kodi still loaded up just fine for me – with many new TV Addons from Ares Wizard’s Pulse Build!

Kodi 17.1 Pulse Build Install
Kodi 18 Ares Wizard: Install it by watching the video tutorial above. Then use it to install PULSE Build (in the screenshot directly above)

Download Kodi 18 for FireStick here
Get Kodi 18 Firestick by clicking on this download link. This will download the Kodi 18 Firestick APK file, which is simply just the Kodi 18 installer file. So, there are a few ways to install Kodi 18 on FireStick

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