Install KODI 15.0 with ADDONS and LIVE TV ~ July 2015

Today we install Kodi “Isengard” 15.0 with ADDONS, setup our libraries using Genesis and setup our IPTV PVR client for LIVE TV
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15 thoughts on “Install KODI 15.0 with ADDONS and LIVE TV ~ July 2015

  1. Wow, you have the best video knowledge I have ever seen for kodi. In one
    video you show how to completely setup kodi. No one else has ever done
    that. I am sorry it took you so long, you seemed bothered by that. But for
    what I learned, it was so worth every minute of it. and I appreciate you
    for taking the time to show us. Thank you sir.

  2. Hi Jim I am trying to install the Live TV portion but When it’s time to
    restart the only option I have is exit… can you help me? thanks

  3. i loaded kodi following your excellent video. when i load up icelink there
    is no links listed just dots. can you help me plz

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