How To Setup Kodi Isengard (XBMC) From The Nightly Builds
In today’s video I am going to show you how to install Kodi Isengard from the nightly builds. You will find the link under this video. If you are in Windows at this point you want to download the exe file ad save it. Once the files has downloaded go ahead and run the setup. We are going to replace your current Kodi installation. Use the default settings, don’t change anything. It will keep all of your old settings intact. When the setup is finished, launch Kodi. And lets talk about whats new in this version. You’ll notice right away that the splash screen is different. Lets talk about the major changesGo click on systemunder apperaence if you click on international, you will see upgraded support for languages and language ad-onsThis is my favorite, under video, file, you can now launch videos from Chapter Thumbnails, if Chapter Thumbnails is selectedYou will now have increased Add-on support, from required dependencies to orphan dependencies. Under blue-ray and dvd there is increased audio and subtitle support. There is a total of over 241 changes and improvements in this version. . . . Thanks for watching.

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