How To Install and Configure PseudoTV Live In Kodi (XBMC)

let’s get started we’re gonna install PseudoTV liveSo open up Kodi. Now firstgo to systemgo to File Managerunder the File menu click on Add sourcetype inthe the address in the repositorywhich is http://fusion. addons. ag click donenow give it a unique name because you are going to need it in a momentand once you have a name click on OK now hit escapethis time go to systemon your system go to Add-onsnow under Add-onsclick install from zip filelook down for the name that you just added forthe repository now click on Start hereonce you click on Start here click onplugin program addoninstallergo back and once again hit escapenow go to programsunder programs if it doesn’t start here back upclick on program Add-ons then click onget more now scroll down until you seethe add-on installerclick itclick on launch now once it launches go over and click onrepositoriesnow this may take a moment or twoonce the repository opensscroll down to the bottom and you’re looking for the lunatics repo go and double-click itonce it opens look for the repo againonce more click itif you have to double click again then click on installyou should get a success message when you do click OKthen hit escape one more timenow go back to system under Systemgo to Add-ons, under add-ons click on get Add-onsgo to the lunatics reponow if it’s blank like thisbackup. . . go to the repo right clickand do a force refreshthen open it up again theand this is what you should see nowgo down to program Add-onsunder program Add-onsstart with the pseudo library click it and thenclick on installonce that’s done now go down to pseudotv live double-clickand click on install once again hit escapethis time the go to programsgo to the pseudo library and right clickand go toAdd-on Settings under general tab make sure that automatic update is enabledthen go to the community listunder the community set it for NAonce that’s done hit okay now go to pseudotv liveright click and go to Add-on settingsnow under settings go to tweaks and look at the operating system and makesure it’s setcorrectly for your systemyou need to scroll to the right I had a little bit a problem here because mymousewould not let me scroll and I ended up using right arrow and the left arrow keys to move back and forth which did workwhat we want to do is go to where it says autotunenow turn on enable autotuningthe first thing you’re gonna get is a message sayingit will delete your current configuration enable itand now go through the list andenable anything that you want to have appear in pseudotv live. From US TV Nowall the way up to your YouTube channels or your local videosand audio once you made all your selections go ahead and click on OKnow double-click launcher and this is the screen you should seeif you installed successfully and I’ll be honest parsing here will takea long time, go get a cup coffee, get something to drink, leave the roomit will take quite a whileonce it’s done you should see this screen pop up it only happens when you refreshthe configuration filebut this does mean that you installed correctlyonce the screen clearsit should pop right up intostreaming TV. Use yourup and down arrows to switch channels and if you want to see the EPG Guidesimply tap the enter keyand as usual thanks for watching

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