How to Fix Kodi Buffering Issues (NICE & EASY)

What’s Up YouTube!!!
Are you having buffering issues while playing a

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7 thoughts on “How to Fix Kodi Buffering Issues (NICE & EASY)

  1. well the issue im having doesnt rlly seem like a buffering issue. it gets
    all choppy the sound stops and it wont fix unless i pause or unpase it. but
    sometimes it will buffer

  2. Mate, honestly!!!! WTF
    After try 1000 different ones, i gave yout video a go and BOOOOOOMMMMMM
    BIG THANKS HAHA, works 100% i cant believed

  3. Hi Den-Tech TV, I have followed as per your instruction and I don’t think I
    have any internet issue. Because Youtube and Netflix are working fine. But
    still I have buffering issue and it’s very slow and does not load
    sometimes. Could you please advise? Thanks a lot…

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