APK Analyzer: An Android Tool Time Deep Dive

I desire well-optimized apps, especially apps with tiny APK size, which becomes downloads and updates faster for users. That’s why I was very excited when a brand-new implement for investigating APK publishes was lent in Android Studio. It’s called the APK Analyser, and you are able to launch it by sounding Analyse APK in the Build menu or by dragging an APK into the editor. These can be enters built from your projection or even APKs that you don’t have different sources for. When selecting an APK file. Make sure you open a freeing erect or a debug erect without Instant Run instrumentation, which you can obtain by starting through Build, Build APK.

You can check if an APK contains Instant Run instrumentation by corroborating the existence of an Instant Run nothing record in the archive. Now let’s go through the prime screen of the analyser. On the crown here you are able to meet some basic report about your app, such as the box mention and copy along with the row, APK size, and an estimated download sizing. This may be smaller thanks to compression related by the Play Store in transit.

Below, you can see a index of enters and folders in the APK sorted in pitching prescribe according to sizing. This is extremely beneficial when you’re trying to track down low-hanging fruit for optimizing your app sizing such as unoptimized drawables or uncompressed audio enters. You can also meet the related percentage of total download sizing of each resource or folder in the rightmost row. The APK Analyser likewise has a item view that’s used for showing record material. It works with various types of enters. You can preview XML sources such as schemes in their original human comprehensible figure. This also includes the Android evidents. So you are able to check out exactly what values were utilized when building the app. You can also browse the full asset table that was compiled into the resources.arc record. This contains a list of cords and vogues for all research configurations defined in the app. And lastly, the analyser contains a DEX file browser letting you inspect packages, courses, and method signatures to check for any mistakes resulting from exploiting ProGuard or MultiDex And to talk of MultiDex, every DEX file likewise shows a handy note counter that tells you how close you are to the 64 K restraint per file.

The APK Analyser is a great informant of actionable report when trying to decide where to start optimizing your app sizing. And after you oblige your changes, you can compare the brand-new copy of your APK with a previous one using the Compare With activity so you can check how much gap you gained and if there are any regressions. I strongly recommend you check out our essay on reducing APK size on developersandroid.com and give the analyser a twisting. Thanks for watching and if you crave to learn more about Android Studio and Android development, click on one of the videos here.[ MUSIC PLAYING].

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